Exotic dancer and erotica writer is here to talk to you about all your fantasies .
Want to a dirty story, from this outrageous BBW Brat Princess?
Need to hear the silky moans of an Blasian goddess?
Professional , sweet and sensual, I'm the premier cunning linguist

I have lines for all your needs.

Vent! Confession Line                             $.99/min
A Genuine Sympathetic Ear, TELL ME YOUR PROBLEMS 

Sometimes you just need to let it all out, and I'm not talking about what's in your pants. I'm talking about what's weighing heavy on your shoulders. You'll feel so much better if you just open up and talk.

I'm here for you!There's nothing to be ashamed about everyone just needs a shoulder to cry on and everything you say to me will be 100% confidential.

I've always had a natural inclination to help those in need, and console those who are hurting.I'm here to listen to you. No judgements.


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Busty Blasian BBW in FULL HD            $3.99/min
Do you want a private cam session with me? Well now you can experience my sensuous body in full 1080p HD!  Cam sessions include phone.I am 5-9 230 lbs of pure sex piled on top of itself. I'm a natural 40 HH and I am very orgasmic.  I have plenty of toys and lingerie.  I'm available on Skype , Hang out and Yahoo. 
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Anything Goes - Roleplay Line              $1.99/min
Nothing excited me more than helping someone sexually liberate themselves!I've covered sex and sexuality as a journalist and blogger since 2005. I know a lot about all types of sex and fantasy situations. I may sound sweet and innocent but I dare you to try and shock me. From mild to wild...if you are lonely,horny or need a friend...give me a call. I have heard it all and have done most of it. Don't just play by yourself thinking about your favorite fantasy.....call me up and get closer to actually living it. Fetishes include:
  • Erotic Phone Play
  • masturbation instruction
  • Sub/dom role play
  • Erotic storytelling
  • orgasm voyer
  • Breast worship
  • Fem Dom
I look forward to being your confidential sexy phone advisor and I promise you a fun and sexy explosive adventure. (some situations are prohibited by Niteflirt)

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Sensual BBW Home Alone                    $1.99/min
Do you want to have an erotic phone chat experience with a beautiful BBW? This is a fun and flirty line for those that want to have a sensual experience with me. Its raw , unfiltered and NEVER FAKED.  Vanilla can still be delicious! 
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Drain Line - All Your Cash is MINE       $19.99/min

Call and pay a tribute to your BBW Blasian Goddess. I am a true brat princess who deserves your paycheck. This line is about ME, taking your money and spending it on ME! You know you love giving it so PAY UP! I live a busy life, doing things you couldn't ever hope to achieve, the only way you can have a little taste is to finance it. You will pay my rent. You will pay my school fees. You will buy my books. You will fund my entertainment. You will do this because you serve no other purpose but to please ME! You will buy the LINGERIE I'll wear to fuck REAL MEN, the kind you'll never hope to compare to.You are undereducated, slow witted and probably never pleased a woman with you dick in your life. The only thing of value you can contribute to me is your cash so PAY UP, PIG! SPOIL ME and you MIGHT get my attention.

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Moaning Session                                    $1.99/min
This is a pre-recorded quickie line. You can hear me bring myself to climax TWICE in 5 minutes. Can you beat that? 
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